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Senator John McCain (R-AZ) takes time to chat with Conan O'Brien:

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I cast my ballot early this morning. It looked like this:

President of the United States
John McCain/Sarah Palin, Republican

US Legislature
US Representative; District 18

Steve O'Donnell, Democratic

State Executive
Attorney General; State of Pennsylvania

John M. Morganelli, Democratic

Auditor General; State of Pennsylvania
Jack Wagner, Democratic

State Treasurer; State of Pennsylvania
Robert McCord, Democratic

State Senate
State Senator; District 37

Amy Jude Schmotzer, Democratic

State House
State Representative; District 42

Matt Smith, Democratic

State Referendums
Referendum Act-64 Water and Sewer Improvements Bond Referendum


So now all that is left to do is wait and see which assclown will occupy the White House starting in 2009.

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Senator John McCain is holding a Victory Rally in Moon tomorrow morning. I'm seriously thinking of going, out of curiosity more than anything. As [ profile] joi_division pointed out to me, "there's no free entertainment like watching a politician." And, let's face it, Obama rallies are above my paygrade.

Also, I may actually run into a fair share of other Democrats there, if Pittsburgh is anything like Scranton.

So, since I'm on vacation and in need of free entertainment, I'll more likely than not be attending. This, of course, officially makes me a "bad Democrat," but given how bad the Democratic Party has acted this election season, I can't say I'm too bothered by that. Besides, "falling in line" is for Republicans.

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In the order the candidates appeared...

John McCain (Part One):

John McCain (Part Two):

Barack Obama (Part One):

Barack Obama (Part Two):

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I just got back from the debate watch party for the third and final presidential debate. Once again, there was no real winner, but I can't state who the losers were in this: the American people. How did these two clowns become our candidates?

Still, John McCain gets a gold star for finally telling Obama, "I am not George Bush - if you had wanted to run against George Bush, you should have run four years ago." Of all of the memes foisted upon us by the two campaigns this election, the Democratic chorus that McCain would be Bush's third term is one of the more irritating, simply because it isn't true.

Overall, I really feel sorry for Joe the plumber.

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Having come down with the plague, I did not go out to the Obama supporters' debate watch party tonight as I did for the prior two debates. True, while I am not an Obama supporter, I prefer the company of other Democrats and I do admit that I want to be able to change my mind. Unfortunately, Obama's performance tonight will not cause that to happen.

The format of tonight's debate was the town hall meeting, a format preferred by John McCain. As such, McCain was right in his element and it showed. Meanwhile, Obama seemed uncomfortable, not even cracking a joke right up until the very end. Furthermore, neither Obama nor McCain were doing much to differentiate their policy positions, which is pretty much guaranteed to keep the race in a statistical dead heat. For being in his element and carrying himself well, John McCain ekes out a small victory in round two. I doubt that this will sway decided voters either way. Meanwhile, undecided voters are likely more confused than ever, thinking, "the differences in their positions are all in nuance...and both are likeable...who to vote for?"

Honestly, the more I watch these two candidates in action, the more I believe that downticket races are where the most important policy-shaping will take place. Regardless of whether I decide to "come home" and vote for Obama or if I maintain my current position of voting in protest for McCain, all of my votes for every position down the ticket, from senators to congressmen to city council members to the dogcatcher will be for Democrats.

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One state, two state, red state blue are the candidates attempting to sway and confuse (perhaps even annoy) a gullible electorate once more:



This time around, the Obama camp's ad is actually better because it takes one of Biden's best zingers from last night's debate and places it as the centerpiece of the spot. Meanwhile, McCain's ad seems more like a series of cheap shots (moreso than most political ads, I mean) hastily strewn together.

You know, I kind of wish somebody paid me to analyse this shit...

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Memo to Barack Obama: this is why post-partisanship does not work.

Incidentally, Lambert at Corrente points out that Senator Obama did not once use the word "Democrat" during last night's debate. So, we can vote republican or we can vote...?

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John McCain is wrong on the issues, while Barack Obama is correct. The problem is that where they disagree is in the nuances that will ultimately be hammered out in Congress. In fact, these two were agreeing so often, I began to wonder who was in which party...well, almost.

I decided to go to the debate watching party being held by the South Hills Obama supporters. It's good to get out of the house. I'm a bit tipsy, as this was held at a bar and if one lives in Pittsburgh, one must consume alcohol when one goes to a bar (I'm also supporting the Port Authority, what with the drink tax). In any case, in watching the debate Obama kept almost scoring a touchdown, but...just...not...quite! It was very frustrating, because I am dying for him to give a me a hallelujah moment where I can say, "okay, you've redeemed yourself! I can confidentially vote for you!" Hell, I'd settle for tepid redemption and a nose-holding right now.

Anyway, I reserve the right to flip-flop all I want about my vote until November. Obama did not shine on the foreign policy issue - he may be right about Iraq (presently), but he, like so many others is still just not getting it about Afghanistan: it's another unnecessary war and we shouldn't have troops there. The so-called "war on terror" should be fought with intelligence, not military force.

Obama needs to ramp up the rhetoric and get into the nuts and bolts of domestic issues. This means the economy - now more than ever. Start studying Bill Clinton's Presidency, Barack, because that's the road map you'll need to be following.

At least it was only McCain praising Reagan and not Obama in this debate. Obama should have never praised Reagan during his campaign and should never do it again.

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Earlier today, the McCain campaign asked the Obama camp to delay Friday's debate so that both candidates could focus on the current financial crises. The AP reports that Obama just said, "no deal."

"This is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who, in approximately 40 days, will be responsible for dealing with this mess," Obama said in Clearwater, Fla. "It's going to be part of the president's job to deal with more than one thing at once."

So, those of us who were going to play the Presidential debate drinking game may still get to do so. Remember, take a shot whenever McCain says, "Country first" or whenever Obama says "Hope and change." Try not to die of alcohol poisoning.


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