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"Six more weeks of winter for waking me from my Superbowl celebration hangover, you jagoffs! Go Steelers!"

Bonus: Rob Rogers Cartoon

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Last night began with a minor crises which ultimately turned out to be nothing at all. It ended with me being pulled over by the police at 5:00AM on my way home from dropping off a friend and being let off without being ticketed. Thank goodness for near-misses, and I think I won't try pressing my luck for the next few weeks.

Today is Superbowl Sunday and all of Pittsburgh is is rapt anticipation of watching the Steelers defeat the Cardinals. Last night in South Side was madness, as you couldn't wave a Terrible Towel about without hitting a black and gold jersey. Today it'll be even more insane. It's like Christmas here, so let's cheer on the home team for a win - Pittsburgh needs the morale boost.

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Pittsburgh's football fetish has always intrigued me. To say that Steelers fans are devoted to their team is not only an understatement, but an insult. Steelers fans are righteously fanatical about their team! As such is the case, anything which displeases the denizens of Steeler Nation will not go unspoken for very long.

The Steelers recently named a new mascot; ladies and gentlemen, meet Steely McBeam. I admit, I almost feel sorry for the foam-rubber guy, as initial fan reaction to Steely has been quite negative. At only two days old, Steely is already the Poochie of professional football. On the up side, being yellow, Steely is a shoe-in for a guest spot on The Simpsons and Pittsburgh fans can at least be proud that they have a mascot whose name could allow him to moonlight as a gay porn star.


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