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With two weeks until primary day in Pennsylvania (May 18th), Democratic primary candidate for governor Joe Hoeffel calls out jagoff tag-team Dan Onorato and Anthony Williams with a television ad of his own:

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Last week, Rasmussen polled the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania's senate seat at 44% Arlen Specter to 42% for Joe Sestak. Those remaining were undecided, leaving the race in a dead heat. Specter is obviously concerned, as he has released an attack ad this week:

Every time Specter has attacked Sestak, he has been grasping at straws. What is particularly sleazy about this ad is that when recounting Sestak's missed votes, Specter predictably fails to note that said votes were missed on one of two occasions: when Sestak was caring for his daughter, who was stricken with a brain tumour and when Sestak was visiting his father shortly before his death. Call me sickeningly sentimental, but I think both occasions are more than excusable for missing sessions of Congress.

More interesting about this ad is how difficult it is to find the video online. The code I posted is from Politico. Arlen Specter does not have the ad posted on his YouTube channel or his campaign website at present. It is as if he is trying to hide it (as if hiding something is truly possible in the age of the internet).

Conversely, the Sestak ad which was released at the same time is a warm introduction to the congressman who would be Pennsylvania's next senator:

The fact of the matter is that Arlen Specter has, after spending thirty years as a member of the Republican Party and betraying himself as a political windsock, absolutely nothing on Joe Sestak. I hate to be optimistic, but the more Pennsylvania voters get to know Joe Sestak, the more likely it seems that Arlen Specter will be sent into a long-overdue retirement.

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Xiu Xiu - "This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy)"

I'm happy they've decided to revisit the video game motif. It just fits the music perfectly. And in case you need a reminder...

Xiu Xiu - "Boy Soprano"

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I can think of three music videos that were made to look like computer or video games (or at least cheap and pixelated) off of the top of my head. Does anyone know of any more like these? Suffice it to say that this doesn't seem to be an overly-exploited music video cliché...yet.

Junior Senior - "Move Your Feet"

Xiu Xiu - "Boy Soprano"

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Californication"

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California One Care is an organisation pushing for the passage of SB 810, a bill in that state's legislature which would create a single-payer health care system there. This is one of their ads:

At the federal level, we are not going to see real health care reform. It is going to have to be done state by state. Inefficient, yes; but is inefficiency not the cliché of government? In any case, a single-payer system is the only way to save millions of lives and millions of dollars.

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From The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien:

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I second what Joseph Cannon said regarding the Michael Moore video posted below: "Nice to see Michael Moore finally free himself from his illusions about Barack Obama. Too bad he couldn't give up his delusions about Hillary back in 2008."

There are two things politicians listen to: 1.) the money pouring in from corporate lobbyists and 2.) the polls - how many votes will be gained or lost by my actions? Most of us aren't in a position to buy and sell our elected officials, so we have to use tactic #2 (which, in all honesty, should be tactic #1, but hey - capitalism).

The question is this: how many of you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone like I did in November of last year and vote for a candidate who isn't a member of the party you are registered to?

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Filed under amusingly ridiculous marketing tie-ins:

Over a decade after their first album, Weezer is no longer into sweaters.

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Just in case you forgot how bad eight years of Bush was, Ted Rall is here to remind us. Good thing we've got Barack Obama in office now doing his best to...maintain the status quo?

Right then - back to my tasks at hand. Break time is over and I've a busy day tomorrow...err, today.

illusionofjoy: (Default) has a new ad: is too lame to push for Single-Payer.

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Comedy is the best way to knock the powerful and arrogant down.

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A true conservative preserves the status quo. Today's Democrats are conservatives. In comparison, today's Republicans are regressionists.

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Like so many talking heads during both the primary and general campaigns of 2008, Olbermann damaged his credibility. He allowed personal biases to consume him and take control during his programme. Rebuilding credibility is not an easy task, but in the following five segments, Olbermann rhetorically navigates himself into a position closer to true:

Watch all five parts at Corrente.

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The same band who performed the stunning "Telescope Eyes" - Eisley embraces the dark melancholy with "Invasion:"

Invasion Video

I've actually been trying to figure out who performs this song for a while. It sounded familiar, but I couldn't quite place it...and the Indie Verse has it mislabelled as Primal Scream's "Country Girl," which it most certainly isn't!

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The Joy Division influence is obvious, but Ian Curtis would have found this video unwatchable:

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Senator John McCain (R-AZ) takes time to chat with Conan O'Brien:

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As part of Jeremy Deller’s Manchester Procession, Steel Harmony performed a rendition of Joy Division's "Transmission" - Caribbean style:

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Inspiration from misfortune (part one):

Sons of Maxwell - "United Breaks Guitars"

Read the full story.

Should I ever become successful enough to require an aeroplane in order to travel to gigs...well, I'm not so I'm going to avoid thinking about it and giving myself yet another thing to worry about unnecessarily. Suffice it to say that I can't even stand the thought of putting my keyboard in the belly of a Greyhound bus, which is one of many reasons I always rent a vehicle when I perform outside of Pittsburgh.

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Link stolen from Business Insider. "Beaker" starts rantings at 1:50, for those of you who want to skip nearly two minutes of bullshit about how the economy is improving.


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