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Among other annoyances, I found out that my domain name expired and I never got any notice that such was about to happen. So, knowing that there is a month-long grace period where everything is supposed to keep working, I went into renew my domain. I was shocked to see my site down, replaced by one of those annoying "placemarker" pages that you see. A whois query revealed that the site was now registered to a company called eNom. Uncharacteristically optimistic, I went through the renewal process with my web host regardless. Long story short: apparently eNom and Verve Hosting are affiliated. So, within two to four days, should lead back to my website and not the obnoxious placemarker that is currently there. It still strikes me as odd though, that the grace period was completely ignored.

We'll see in two to four days if all is as it should be.

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So I was thinking, "hmm, my website could use a fresh coat of virtual paint, so to speak." Thus, I opened up files on my hard drive and started tweaking things. This lead to me thinking, "well, if I change this, I may as well change this as well, and if I change that..." and so it went.

So, maybe in a couple of weeks I'll upload a website with a "fresh coat of virtual paint." Or I'll become so annoyed and frustrated that I'll leave the damn thing just as it is.

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I was recently alerted that the PayPal link to purchase tickets for the Illusion of Joy show at the Shadow Lounge on the 20th is not working. I am currently looking into this in the hopes of having it resolved as soon as possible. If you are having any problems, please contact me about it.

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Since the fixes for the errors were becoming increasingly convoluted, I just said, "fuck it," uninstalled the board, reinstalled, patched and went through the process of setting everything up again. Unfortunately, any registrations and posts that were there are gone now, so if you were registered, your profile no longer exists and you'll have to re-register.

I suppose I should consider it a small blessing that I didn't have to burn and rebuild an established board with hundreds of members and thousands of threads. Hopefully that will never happen and this new installation is far more stable than the old.

Feel free to play guinea pig.

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What's black and white with varying shades of grey and just won't fucking work right? My web forum! Yesterday I was all happy that everything seemed to be working properly. Today, I tried to log into my administration panel only to discover that I've been locked out. No, it's not hacked, it's a critical error affecting Version 3 of the board software which, because of my custom layout, I get to fix manually by tweaking the code to 77 individual files and FTPing them to the pertinent directory.

Tell me again why I wanted this little toy on my website? After this is all said and done, I expect you to all register accounts on it - even if for no other reason than to tell me what a dumb fuck I am!

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Remember yesterday that I was ranting about not finding the stupidly simple thing that was keeping my web forum from rendering and running properly? Well, I have a correction: it was a stupidly simple thing that was keeping me from seeing it rendering and running properly. For some reason the URL prevents the board software from recognising image pathways and certain CSS elements (when, by all logical accounts this shouldn't be happening). However, functions perfectly. Go figure.

At least the damn thing finally works and I have it looking how I want it to. Go register, play around, revel in the fact that there hasn't been a flame war yet (or more than four posts).


Mar. 19th, 2008 09:05 pm
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I've been playing around with the settings on my new web board and so far all I've managed to do is get the colour scheme to match up with my main website. I can't seem to get anything else to work, however. The stupid emoticons won't render, nor can I get any topic icons to show and I had a lovely template I installed which didn't look so lovely skinned on my board because none of the graphics showed up! So, the board is technically functional, but it just won't play nice with images (the sole exception being user avatars). I know I must be missing something stupidly obvious in this regard, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the fuck it could be.


Mar. 17th, 2008 08:39 pm
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Among the many toys included with my webhosting package was the option of installing either a phpBB or SMF web board for my website (if I was really bored and masochistic, I could opt to install both). I opted for phpBB for the simple fact that it took up less disc space and there seemed to be more online documentation for it. So, now has a web forum. It's pretty bare-bones at the moment and certainly not ready for prime time, but if anyone wants to register and play around on it, I'm letting you know it exists.

Also, I apologise in advance if any tinkering I do with the settings causes any posts you might make to be lost. But I doubt that will happen. Just saying that could...

If anything, you might log on to find the colours have gone funky. It seems the CSS file for the thing is quite lengthy and a bit convoluted, so getting the colour scheme to match the rest of my site will be a task.


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